Clima Uno

Published: March 22nd 2022



Originating from Italy, Clima Uno is a well-known brand of air-handling units and fan coil units that is owned by the Al Shirawi Group of Companies. It is the manufacturing division of Leminar Air Conditioning Company. The Eurovent-certified product line from Clima Uno is made in a fully integrated plant in Dubai and is specifically tailored for the area. The company has become one of the most dependable partners for clients in the air conditioning market thanks to its effective after-sales services, 24/7 assistance, and custom-built product line.


  • As this brand has a huge reputation in UAE, the pressure on us to design graphics for their website was sky high.

360 Solution

  • As we are one of the best creative design agency in Dubai, our best of designers understood well what the client wants and designed graphics for them according to their vibe.

  • The designs highlight the brand’s products in best possible manner, and are easy for their clients to understand too.

Finally Get The Result:

The client is impressed with our graphic designs and has well appreciated us. Also we met the deadline on time and in a smooth process completed our task.