HKC SpiceBlends

Boosting Organic Traffic by 159% for over 6 months and particularly UAE based traffic by 178% for over 4 months



Growth in followers


Increase in brand awareness


Increase in user interactions and comments


HKC or Healthy Kitchen Co believes that food is the most nourishing factor in our lives and how important the food we eat daily must be free from chemicals and additives. The company creates several kinds of spices that we require in our cooking, often grinding several spices in daily basis becomes difficult, this where HKC comes in. They make the best of quality spices in the market that are free of any chemicals etc and one can have it without having to worry about the health.


Limited online visibility – often brands complain that they are not getting enough traffic and thus the sales of their products are not boosted yet being on a digital platform.


Competitive market landscape – there are several brands offering more or less similar products making the competition tough. Too many brands on same niche leads to less traffic and sales.


The need to communicate the technical aspects of their products effectively – Product description that is well written is a must for online shops and if not given clearly the customers will not be attracted to it.


Additionally, the company aimed to highlight its adherence to industry standards and certifications in the digital realm.

SEO Strategy

To overcome these challenges, HKC implemented a targeted SEO strategy

  • Social Media Posts and Reels : Thorough research was done and the posts and reels about the brand were created where the products were well highlighted along with creating brand awareness.

  • On-Page Optimization : The website underwent a comprehensive on-page optimization process, including optimizing meta tags, headers, and content with the identified keywords.

  • Content Creation : A content strategy was developed to create informative and engaging content. Blog posts, product descriptions, and landing pages were crafted to not only improve keyword rankings but also educate visitors about the various products, ingredients and if any sale is upcoming.

  • Local and Global SEO : Local SEO efforts were emphasized to capture regional markets, while global SEO strategies were employed to reach an international audience. This included optimizing business listings, creating location-specific content, and building back links from relevant sources.

  • Certification Emphasis : The Company is Dubai based and has received certificate from the authority on their products.


  • Grew social media following by 70% across major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  • Developed and executed engaging social media campaigns, resulting in a 76% increase in brand awareness.

  • Enhanced customer engagement through interactive content, leading to a 35% increase in user interactions and comments.

  • Utilized social listening tools to monitor and respond to customer feedback, fostering a positive online community.