When you think of a ladies fitness club in Dubai, you are automatically think of Hourglass! As a women-only fitness club, the company’s goal is to provide you with the finest possible care and advice to help you achieve optimal health. The group will support you in achieving all of your objectives. The women working in their team are accomplished professionals who have a strong interest in fitness.

They offer their valued members unmatched services with a commitment to quality. From cutting-edge facilities to providing with the best possible training experience, you will get it all from this brand. Whether your goal is to increase your strength, reduce your weight, or enhance your general health, their tailored approach will help you every step of the way. As leaders in the field, they make sure you receive the best instruction possible by staying current on the newest trends in fitness and cutting-edge methods.

As we are best Web Development Company in UAE, the brand came to us asking for helping them in providing branding solutions and in building their website.


  • One of the major challenges we faced was to showcase a women in the logo in hourglass shape that can justify the brand’s name and vision.

  • Apart from this we faced some usual challenges on developing the website and creating the right brand appeal so that it can attract the right audience.

360 Solution

  • Our expert team designed the website and we managed to design an hour glass women in the logo itself.

  • We chose the right layout so that all information is put precisely and what the brand represents is very clear to its clients in a glance.

  • Understanding the vibe of the company is important and we designed their website from scratch and along with brainstormed branding ideas so that the brand appeal is made right and it attracts the right audience it is looking out for.

Finally Get The Result:

The result of our hard work was a well developed website along with the hourglass shaped woman in the logo. The branding was done right and our client who was extremely impressed with our work. The website is easy to understand, navigate though yet attractive. The content along with graphics in the website developed by us is engaging and keeps the brand’s client hooked for long.