One of the best names for vegan cheese not only in UAE but worldwide is the brand Nuttino. The tagline of the brand is ‘Spreading Happiness’ and indeed they keep up to their word. They offer the best vegan cheese made from cashew nuts, also great for people looking out for sugar free and oil free cheese and they come in several flavours.


  • The client wanted us to help them in branding and packaging. Understanding the vibe of the product, choosing the right colors and design that matches with the brand’s identity was important.

  • Branding is very important for today’s marketing world and developing it in an eye-catching manner that highlights the brand’s vision is very important. With right branding one can target the right audience which can ultimately boost sales.

360 Solution

  • After good research and studying in-depth about the brand, we came up with the right color combination choices for the packaging of their products.

  • The website also needed to have that ‘right’ look and feel and developing the brand’s true aesthetic is very important. The customers must be attracted to it by seeing it at a glance. Our dedicated team wholly took care of it and developed the branding and packaging of the client.

Finally Get The Result:

We have created the right branding and packaging for the client by choosing the right color combinations and design. We delivered it on time and the client was very satisfied with the end result.