Published: March 22nd 2022



Peek-a-Boo is a contemporary online store for kids that specialises in providing things for babies and toddlers with an emphasis on affordability, practicality, style, and function.

The brand came into formation when a young mother of four who lives in the United Arab Emirates draws inspiration from her appreciation of distinctive patterns, modern minimalism, and her adorable children. Every one of our items is made entirely of non-toxic components. Each piece is made with lifespan, style, and practicality in mind to guarantee exceptional quality and ideal products for your children.

As one of the best Ecommerce website design company in Dubai, the company wanted us to develop their Ecommerce website.


  • The client desired a custom made layout for the entire website. Usually we have a few layout patterns ready but since our team members are open to design a completely new layout as wished by the client, we start it from scratch and create a new one.

  • The website made is not just desktop friendly but also mobile. We understand the need of a versatile website that works well across all platforms and people usually tend to scroll through their phones these days especially for an ecommerce website.

360 Solution

  • Our UX/UI designer carried out user research. The constructing of prototypes and wireframes for the finished product was also done.

  • Our web developers also created a custom made layout for the website along with the products. The website has been constructed in both desktop and mobile friendly way.

  • The customers can purchase from the website and done in a hassle free way that is also end to end encrypted has been taken care of.

Finally Get The Result:

We are happy to deliver the that is both desktop and mobile friendly, on time and support them after delivery as per the commitment.