Boosting Organic Traffic by 159% for over 6 months and particularly UAE based traffic by 178% for over 4 months



Increase the website traffic over the 2 months


Increase the website organic traffic over the 2 months


Planned and executed on improving USA- based traffic over the last 2 months


Zain1 is a skincare and hair care brand developed by 2 sisters who were looking out for versatile chemical free products. Even though both the sister’s ages are different, they have encountered similar problems including rapid ageing of the skin and hair loss. Stress in daily life, air pollution, and the use of items containing chemicals are all responsible for these issues. The duo has a drive for excellence, and they have included the golden ratio (1.618) into the name of their company to represent our goals and way of thinking.


Zain1 has a strong presence in the industry, but yet they faced challenges in optimizing their online visibility. The competitive nature of skin care and hair care sector demanded a robust online presence, and the company recognized the need for a strategic approach to enhance their digital footprint. With a specific focus on local keywords, the challenge was to improve Zain1’s search engine ranking and increase organic traffic to their website.

SEO Strategy

To address the challenges at hand, Zain1 engaged in a comprehensive SEO strategy. The key components of the strategy included

  • Keyword Research : Thorough research was conducted to identify and target local keywords relevant to the brand like “best selling organic hair care products”, “best natural beauty products online” etc.

  • On-Page Optimization : The website underwent a thorough on-page optimization process, ensuring that each page was optimized for the identified keywords. This involved refining meta tags, headers, and content to align with SEO best practices.

  • Content Creation : Regular, high-quality content creation was initiated, focusing on industry trends, news, and informative articles related to Zain1’s products. This not only provided value to the audience but also improved the website's overall authority.

  • Local SEO : Optimization for local search, including Google My Business, was a priority. Accurate business information, reviews, and local citations were actively managed to enhance Zain1's local visibility.

  • Link Building : A targeted link-building strategy was implemented to improve the website's authority and credibility. This involved obtaining high-quality back links from relevant and authoritative sources in the shipping industry.


The implementation of the SEO strategy yielded impressive results for Zain1:

  • Improved Search Rankings : Zain1 experienced a significant boost in search engine rankings for targeted local keywords. This enhanced visibility directly contributed to increased organic traffic.

  • Increased Organic Traffic : The website witnessed a substantial increase in organic traffic, attracting a larger audience interested in hair care and skin care products. This not only expanded Zain1’s reach but also generated potential leads.

  • Enhanced Local Presence : Local SEO efforts resulted in improved visibility on local search results, making Zain1 more accessible to potential clients in the USA.

  • Positive User Engagement : The content creation strategy fostered positive user engagement, establishing Zain1 as one of the authoritative brands in the skin and hair care domain.