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The optimisation of landing pages, social media marketing, and other marketing initiatives all heavily rely on copywriting. Therefore, at 360 Softwares, we know how crucial t is to make sure your copy is engaging. We see that the content entails on concentrating on brand coherence, striking the appropriate tone, and inspiring your audience to perform particular actions.


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Social media content

Social media copy is among the most frequently used forms of copy. Social media is used by millions of individuals every day, and you may use postings to point users to a landing page, website, product, or blog.

Email content

Email copy is another tool you may use to communicate with your target audience. As an illustration, you might have an email campaign that entails sending a series of emails over a specific period of time.

SEO content

For search engine optimisation, including on-page SEO and local SEO, SEO copywriting is essential. This information is intended to raise your position in search results. When shopping for goods and services, people turn to search engines, and optimised material can help your company appear for certain queries.

Blog/ Articles

A blog post is a fantastic approach to inform your target audience about relevant topics. Additionally, blogging might increase the authority of your website. Additionally, you can reuse blog posts and distribute them through other channels like social media and podcasts.

Website Pages

Writing interesting marketing pages for a website gives you the chance to enhance user experience and increase search engine traffic to your site. You might have to create copy for FAQ pages, landing pages, and other places. Make sure your website is optimised for both desktop and mobile browsers.

Our Strategy

In B2C customers are typically more emotional than corporations, writing in business-to-consumer transactions may be more personal. As a result, you might strive to produce material that appeals to your users' emotions. This might persuade them to purchase. An impulse buy is far less likely to occur in the B2B market. Due of the numerous moving pieces, including legal compliance, the sales cycle is also substantially lengthier. Your copy may be more expert and direct because businesses are considerably less inclined to make purchases based on emotions.

Step 1

Writing copy for direct response

Because it emphasises immediate results, direct response copywriting is unique. Once the reader has finished reading the material, this style of copywriting prompts them to perform an action.
Step 2

Pr/ Marketing writing

You'll also come across ad copywriting in your work as a marketer. You might be required to produce taglines for billboards, descriptions for promoted social media posts, video scripts for podcast advertisements, headlines for Facebook Ads, and more for this kind of copywriting. Advertising comes in so many different forms.

You'll also come across ad copywriting in your work as a marketer.

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